It’s a new year and I would like to say I will be better at posting to the blog, but I hate to make any promises. I will try my very best, but please head on over to my Facebook page to see recent work. The website has a new look which I am happy about and a new logo that is going to stay around a while {forever}. This year I am making my boys my number 1 priority which isn’t really new news. When I’m with them though, I really want to be WITH them. I constantly have this internal struggle with photography and family time. I LOVE photography, its my creative outlet and I love capturing images for my clients that get them emotional. There is something about getting an image so right in the camera that makes me crazy happy and I strive for moments like that in every session. I also love, love, love my children {and husband} and want to throw all my energy at them constantly. I am learning to find the right balance and 2015 is the year for me to get it right! My goals for this new year are to post more of my sweet boys, snuggle tons of newborns in the studio, visit with my past clients and meet new ones too. Thanks for the support from each one of you. I appreciate you sharing my name with family and friends and┬álove reading your comments and seeing likes on Facebook. It seriously means the world. Happy New Year to you all and enjoy this shot of my precious 8 month old Asher.