About me



Photo Credit: Impact Photography Group

I am Natalie. A few of my favorite things are; my husband, my boys, Disneyland, working part time as a registered nurse, watermelon jolly ranchers, decorating my home, the color pink, blueberries, the sweet smell of newborns, chapstick, Mexican food, homemade banana bread and photography.

I have been married to my cute husband for an amazing eleven years. We have 3 darling boys and a sweet baby girl on the way. Aiden is our oldest son (9), he was totally meant to be a big brother. He is super responsible, nurturing and sensitive and loves giving directions to others. Austin is the middle child and that much is so obvious, he is (5) and makes us laugh every day. He is sensitive yet mischievous and lively and keeps me on my toes.  Asher (2) is growing so fast but is sure to let us know he is still the baby for now. He loves his older brothers and could watch them for hours. He currently enjoys Thomas the Train, jumping on the trampoline and exploring the house while getting in to whatever he can. Together we love being outside in our backyard, riding bikes and taking walks, cooking good food, playing board games, watching movies, camping at the lake and going to Disneyland whenever we can.


I have always had a special interest in photography. I began this journey as a young girl, it progressed into high school when I took my first photography class. It was then, that I was hooked and in love.  Since having my own children, photography has become a whole new kind of ’important’ to me. I enjoy documenting special memories and milestones and then enjoy even more looking back through old videos and photos and reliving those moments.

My absolute favorite sessions are those in my home studio, especially one year old/cake smash sessions. I delight in capturing tender moments that are treasured for a lifetime. I would love to provide you with images that you will look at often, get emotional about and cherish forever. Message me for details, I can’t wait to talk more.